A Leadership Framework for Transformation (Book by Jesus A. Sampedro Hidalgo)

A Leadership Framework for Transformation
A Leadership Framework for Transformation presents values as the foundation of leadership, and describes how six values (Perseverance, Patriotism, Teamwork, Excellence, People Development, and Innovation) integrate a leadership framework that help leaders: to enhance their influence towards personal, organizational, and national transformational emergence; to increase their effectiveness, and to facilitate their insertion into the rapid and changing global context. It also explores diverse values’ perspectives such as: personal vs. corporate values, values as systems for transformation, personal preferences and levels of consciousness, and values changeability.
Such values bundle emerged from exploring anecdotic evidence in a diverse array of organizational, national and/or regional cases, stories and/or experiences around the globe coming from different industries and various cultural realities (Including USA, Singapore, South Africa, Venezuela, Chile, Ireland, Dominican Republic, and Dubai, among others). It also smoothes the exploration of other stories around the globe in the quest for solid foundational schemes at the values level that may contribute to form enduring leadership.
Finally, the book presents the relevance of infusing such values-based leadership framework through purposeful efforts to generate a highly integrated performance scheme in leaders that may facilitate an effective yet morally relevant splendor in this century’s entities that may be inspiring (worth replicating by followers) and redemptive (as it generates organizational and cultural positive transformations).
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A Leadership Framework for Transformation by Dr. JESUS A. SAMPEDRO HIDALGO

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